My name is Susan Bierig and I love to create with food. 

In 1992 I developed an original recipe using a blend of walnuts, cranberries and various spices. At first, I gave samples as Christmas gifts to family and friends who then shared the treat with others. Soon, I was getting requests from people I had never met for, “that walnut cranberry treat.”  Eventually it occurred to me that I might have the ingredients for a small business on
my hands.

I approached a number of stores to ask if they would be interested in carrying my new product. They agreed to take a chance on Wicked Walnuts and demand quickly increased.

Cape Cod Wicked Walnuts was a certified hit.

Baked, Spiced, Sweet and Salty. Each batch is hand-made to order on Cape Cod. Now you can order Wicked Walnuts (in 2oz., 4oz., and 12oz. gift bags) through our online store by clicking the SHOP link above. 

Or you can click on the STORES link to find a list of all of the fine shops that carry Wicked Walnuts, with links to their websites. If you have a favorite store that does not carry our product, please ask them to contact us. 

If you love to cook and are in the mood to make something new, visit my RECIPES page (above) for a regularly-updated sampling of the best ones. If you create your own Wicked Walnuts recipe, remember to send it along to me and I’ll feature it here and on the Wicked Walnuts Facebook page!

Welcome to the online home of Wicked Walnuts, the original Cape Cod treat! Order now and have a small piece of Old Cape Cod delivered from our shore to your door.

© Wicked Walnuts, 2017. Product contains tree nuts.